Achieving Success – Its down to you!

How can you achieve success and happiness in your work and life generally?

“Success is getting what you want, happiness is wanting what you get”     W.P. Kinsella


Success is how you define it, its personal to you. It’s not necessarily about fame and fortune! It might be for some, but for most people it is about making progress, being recognised and achieving personal goals. However you define your success there are three common traits displayed by ‘successful/happy’ people:


  • Ownership – they never blame anyone for anything that happens to them. They always take responsibility for what happens in their lives – they feel in control. If an outcome doesn’t go the way they wanted they ask themselves – ‘what could I have done differently?’ (…and what will I do differently next time!)
  • Focus – they always have a direction of travel. There is always a focus on achieving a goal or set of goals. They don’t tend to wander aimlessly through life.
  • Positivity – their glass is always half-full. They believe that everything will turn out OK in the end and have an optimistic outlook on life.

Top tips for developing these traits:

  1. Reflect on things – what happened? What could you do differently to achieve a different outcome?
  2. Try new approaches – test yourself and see what happens!
  3. Adopt an attitude of ‘self-ownership and accountability’ – when things go wrong don’t blame anyone else but yourself!
  4. Set goals and keep an eye of your progress – review regularly
  5. Focus on the key activities to achieve your goals and make sure you spend the right amount of time doing them
  6. Think positively – try some positive affirmations when you wake up and when you go to bed
  7. Exercise and eat healthily (it makes a difference!)
  8. Reward yourself when you achieve a goal – if no one else will maybe you should pat yourself on the back!


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