Collaborate to compete!

“Collaboration is a working practice whereby individuals work together to a common purpose to achieve business benefit”

Collaborative leadership is an essential skill that all managers and leaders must master – especially as businesses today (public, private and third sector) are becoming more and more complex. In her blog, Carol Kinsey Gorman explains why collaborative leadership is vital in today’s world.

…leaders need to rely more than ever on the intelligence and resourcefulness of their staff. Collaboration is not a “nice to have” organizational philosophy. It is an essential ingredient for organizational survival and success….. Carol Kinsey Goman Read her full blog here

You can develop your collaborative skills by adopting some of these activities in your day-to-day work:

  • Management By Walking About – some of the most effective managers use this to great benefit. Read more at my blog Walk, Listen, Change!
  • Be open in your communication style – engage, encourage and listen
  • Encourage your people to challenge you – you should be comfortable with the decisions you are making and be able to discuss with your teams
  • Share your knowledge – ‘Knowledge is power – but only when it is shared!’
  • Be clear about your goals and objectives – and consult on how to achieve them
  • Become a facilitator to get the best out of your people

Are you a collaborative leader? How do you achieve effective collaboration with your teams?

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