Commitment to Leadership!


‘Commitment‘ a simple definition: Making a commitment involves dedicating yourself to something!

A blog by Charles Specht puts it like this for leaders:

“The Definition of Leadership is planted in the Soil of commitment” 

Mentally tough, resilient leaders will show strong commitment in terms of:

  • Their focus on goals, objectives and critical tasks
  • Supporting their teams – through effective development and performance management

Organisations need committed leaders as their people will not respond well to those who are not committed. If you want to develop your own leadership commitment try some of these tips:

  1. Communicate your intentions – start by communicating with yourself! Set your own vision/goals/aims/objectives (whatever you want to call them) and set them out in a clear understandable way. It’s not a bad idea to communicate to your team as well – do it in a positive way and not just by email!
  2. Plan – set some key milestones that need to be achieved if you are to reach your goals – these will form the basis of your plan and give you a measuring stick to keep you on track
  3. Seek feedback – consult widely at the start, during the process and at the end – this will help keep the agenda uppermost in your mind and in the minds of your team. Remember to ‘listen’ and alter course as necessary
  4. Conscious Awareness – self-discipline depends upon conscious awareness as to both what you are doing and what you are not doing. Think about it. If you aren’t aware your behaviour is undisciplined, how will you know to act otherwise? Practice self-reflection each week – look back at particular issues and challenges and try and review them objectively and from the perspective of others
  5. Courage – you will need to be brave! Making this work will probably mean you have to come out of your comfort zone at times. If it was easy everyone would do it!
  6. Internal Coaching – self-talk can also be extremely beneficial when used effectively. When you find yourself being tested, talk to yourself, encourage yourself and reassure yourself. After all, it is self-talk that has the ability to remind you of your goals, call up courage, reinforce your commitment and keep you conscious of the task at hand.

How do you stay committed? All comments welcome

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