Are you are a manager, leader who wants to perform better, develop your skills and add value to your organisation?

Or…are you leading a team or organisation that needs to transform its leadership, improve its change management approach and create a culture of high quality delivery and growth?

“skilled, mentally resilient leaders perform better and deliver higher quality services - this leadership needs to be visible at every level of an organisation for it to achieve fantastic, market leading results” Andy Whitehead

All individuals and organisations have the potential to develop mentally tough leadership.  We believe the five key elements are:

  1. You – personal values and drivers? e.g. honesty, commitment, courage etc.
  2. Knowledge - expertise in leadership, organisation, sector etc
  3. Action - how you do things - direct, set goals, feedback, plan etc.
  4. Individual - your own style; remember that one size does not fit all!
  5. Resilience  - Work on your ‘mind-set’ and develop mental toughness.


“Mentally tough leaders are able to remain calm and relaxed, they are competitive in many situations and have lower anxiety levels than others. With a high sense of self-belief and an unshakeable faith that they control their own destiny, these individuals can remain relatively unaffected by competition or adversity”    (Clough 2006)


Forging Resilient Leadership - You and your organisation want to empower leaders to enhance business, adding value for Private, Public and Third Sector organisations. You want to develop leadership skills, resilience and mental toughness.  To find out how we can help develop your leadership in your organisation please read on...


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